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Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Argentina - La Pampa

In El Bolson I stayed longer as I thought, the camp site was nice and quiet. There was a really jummy ice cream shop and when Ingo said, he does a Asado/BBQ, what should I say. Over Barriloche I went on the “Ruta de 7 Lagos” direction north, a unique and fantastic area, where I made more pictures than I rode. In San Martin des los Andes I changed my big Afrika Twin against a little XR 400 and so I had lots of fun in the forest with beautiful impressions. A very nice area with very nice people I met in these days, but slowly my journey comes to an end. So I went further up the Ruta 40 direction north to San Rafael. Over the Canion Atuel where I made a wet experience, I rode finally to Buenos Aires.

Because a little vulcano in Iceland messed the whole flight traffic, it was till the end not clear if I can fly home or if I have to stay longer. But it looks like all flights are flying and so my motorbike and I can hopefully fly too.

Even I have to leave jummy beef behind (1 kg beef loin costs 7 €), there are lots of things I am looking forward to.

Pictures to look at in a bigger size

101CIMG3881                         100CIMG3879
In El Bolson a really fantastic Argentian style Asado - 3,5 kg best beef for five persons :-)

102CIMG3915                         103CIMG3920
The old bridge.                                                                            I hope nobody trys to shout me?!

104CIMG3930                         105CIMG3961
Left: After riding 40 km on this day I could not pass this camp site.
Reight: In San Martin des Los Andes a vehicle change and one day I could really accelerate.

106CIMG3972                         107CIMG3974
The guide knew the area very well.

108CIMG3984                         109CIMG3995

110CIMG3999                         112CIMG4018
Left: Happy in the evening, the view in the afternoon to the village. Yes, so you look after having fun.
Reight: One of the bridges, you first look before you ride over them.

113CIMG4021                         114CIMG4024
On the way direction north on the Ruta 40.

115CIMG4028                         116CIMG4036
Left: Looks like a picture wallpaper.                                              A sleeping place, you find rarely.

117CIMG4039                         118CIMG4044

119CIMG4052                         121CIMG4071
The autum is coming and the Gauchos bring their animals home.

123CIMG4085                         124CIMG4086
The width of the Pampa, on one side nearly incomprehensible, but it is really nice, interesting and boring at the same time.

125CIMG4090                         126CIMG4091
The autum you see on the trees too.

127CIMG4102                         130CIMG4120
Left: A Estancia in the middle of nowhere.
Reight: In search of a camp site I started on the waterside of the water reservoir in Ninhiul.

128CIMG4112                         129CIMG4115
But the sand was a bit too heavy for my bike. Not to forget, that my back tyre was nearly a slick. So I reloaded everything, turned the motorbike around 180° and looked for a stable place to load everything again. Sometimes you thing, you learn… really? The motorbike is on the right side without a stand.

131CIMG4121                         132CIMG4126
In Canyon Atuel I found a nice place to camp. Around 10.00 pm it started to rain, the rain turned into hail and it was getting serious. So the tent passed the test, because it was still tight. That was real luck, because suddenly the whole tent floated on 5 cm of water and mud. I can say, thats a really bad feeling, if you open the tent and water is floating from the apsis into the tent. But the whole spook was at 0 am as soon finished as it appeared and I could move to a try place with the tent.

133CIMG4130                         134CIMG4132
Left: On the right side beside the bush was a quiet nice place.
Reigt: Further through the Canyon Atuel.

135CIMG4136                         136CIMG4137

137CIMG4141                         138CIMG4145
Further 580 km to Buenos Aires                                                   The typre is now Swabian used :-))

143CIMG4168                         144CIMG4169
At Dakar Motors Sebastian made for me for the last time a real typical Asado - 4 kg for 5 persons.

139CIMG4147                         145CIMG4171
Left: A washing before the motorbike goes home..
Reight: During the 3. night in Buenos Aires in the evening appeared a short thunderstorm with so huge hail chunks. What a luck, that I did not camp

146CIMG4174                         142CIMG4158
Left: So, the last drive to Lufthansa Cargo ends on a pallet.

A view pictures from the road:

211CIMG4015                         222CIMG4076
Left: Inside the bottles is water for thursty pilgrims.
Lots of Argentineans believe into Difunta Correa and miracle wonder. According to the legend is Difunta Correa a women, who went into the wide in the middle of the 19th century in order to liberate her husband from the army of  Facundo Quiroga. He fought  in the independence war against the Spanish. Difunto Correa fall down with her child in the dessert because she run out of water and foot. Gauchos found her dead in Vallecito, a little valley close to San Juan. But her child was still alive and drank milk from her breast. The Gauchos built an altar for her in Vallecito and admired Difunta and asked her for help. And the help came and still comes today – that is the believe of lots of Argentineans. So they spend alms for Difunta.

Reight: It is cold. If you look carefully you see a water sprinkler in the middle.

240CIMG4148                         241CIMG4149
                                                                                                    Argentinian anti-theft device.

Equador - Peru -Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - and Brazil in all these countrys we travelled. In some countrys we just spend a short time, but we still got an impression of each country.
We had to take some hurdles and could enjoy lots of nice moments. The interest to travel in other continents and cultures is still there. But who knows where the next journey will go.
We had a great time and with the homepage with you too. Thank you very much for the numerous mails and we hope you had as much fun as we had even you could only read and look at the pictures.

See you - Hasta Luego!


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