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Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Bolivien, a country we could sadly stay only a short time. We have been really surprised about the hospitality and helpfulness. The boarder crossing was very South American :-) La Paz is a very interesting and a very beautiful city too. The people at the markets are not flashy as in Peru. Because Christines motorbike is ready for picking up in Arequipa and the time gets tight, we had to go back to Peru. In Arepuipa first we had to got to a doctor in order to get rid of Christines cast :-(( But the doctor said, that fracture would have had to be operated straight after the accident and so she has to wear the cast further 2 weeks.  SHIT!!! With the help of the boss of the hostal and a few adresses of the Horizons Unlimited homepage we found a company in Lima, who will send the motorbike back home to Germany. Now we had to go to Cruz Del Sur, where the motorbike stands. From there we just send it back to Lima. So we had to look after a transport for us to Lima in order to bring the bike back to Germany. That was bloody shitty, we had a different idea to go on with our trip. Back in Arequipa Tobi did a little service on the Africa Twin and he put on new tyres. The tyres we bought in Lima, because in the second biggest city of Peru they had no suited tyres, yes no motorbike tyres at all.

Foto album for watching the pictures in a bigger size

100CIMG2397                         101CIMG2408
Left: From Puno at the lake Titikaka we are riding along the lake to Bolivia.
Reight: Boarder crossing at the exit of Peru. Is that the right number?

102CIMG2416                         103CIMG2421
Boarder crossing in Peru                                                               Bolivia

104P1080173                         105P1080177
And the boader guards make lunch from 12.00 to 14.00 - are they eating a pig? Anyway so we made a soup and slept a bit. All? Not all someone had to wash up and make picutures :-)

106CIMG2448                         107CIMG2451
On the way to La Paz.

110P1090228                         111P1090229
Left: Haare cut, he looks grim. So better being well-behaved, as long he is fluttering with the shaving cutter.
Rechts: Market streets in La Paz.

114P1090253                         115P1090258
And there are things, you won´t believe. We asked a market women and if we understood correct they have around 500 different kinds of potatoes. Wonder how the housewife keeps the overview?

116P1090264                         117P1090279
La Paz: Here we had a 3-day stop in the hotel Oberland, because Christine had a bad cold.

118CIMG2496                         119CIMG2504
Today we did a trip to one of the highlights of our journey. First we had to ride over a little pass - 4700m in the Yungas

RUTA DEL MUERTE or death road they call it. These way was for ages the main entrence from the north to La Paz. Everything was driving over this street - trucks, busses, cars... On these road you have to drive on the left side, so the driver who comes from the top can see out of the window how many centimeter are left to the edge. The road has only one single line and some avoiding bays. That is the reason why many vehicles fall down of the edge and numerous people died. Now they have a paved road and the old road is only for tourists. Especially Downhill mountainbiker, who come down very quick and if you come from the bottom there are suddenly 5 in front of you.

120CIMG2523                         121CIMG2543

122P1100304                         123CIMG2566


125P1100385                         126CIMG2577

127P1100400                         128P1100415
One of lots of other crosses on the side of the street.                     La Paz - Valle de la Luna

130P1110010                         135P1110037
La Paz                                                                                          Crossing the lake Titikaka with this ferry.

136P1110040                         137P1110065
Ferry or boat? And with the motorbike you have to be careful, that you don´t fall of the wood picks.

138CIMG2585                         140CIMG2593
Titikaka lake - On the way back to Peru.

141CIMG2597                         143P1120112
Left: Cobacabana in Bolivia
Reight: On the periuian borader crossing they first weld the barrier chain. Till they finish the boarder is closed.

144P1120113                         146P1120115
Left: Boarder crossing: All are interested and me too, what are they asking me?
Reight: Next motorbike rider generation

148P1120151                         149P1120152
And that happens if you do not use every petrol station, you do not have any petrol and stop without watching where the hole is. The foots are too short and so the bike including rider lays in the dirt. The peruian petrol with 84 octan is not the best one. So the tank with 24 litres was after 250 km totaly EMPTY. But we have to say, that the Africa Twin did not had any problems even because of the bad petrol, 2 persons and on 4800 m height she still was going 100 Km/h, which was very surprising and pleasant.

150PICT0605                         152P1120179
Flamingos on 4000 m                                                                  We have snow too :-) far away

153PICT0614                        154P1120194
Attention: Lamas

155PICT0626                         156P1140199
Left: On the way to Arequipa it got quiet cold - -4°C and fog with view around 10 m. There is only one way open the screen, get a cold and ride carefully the last 200 Km. With a cold Tobi had to go to bed for 2 days.
Reight: Arequipa - Plaza de Armas

157P1140201                         158P1150205
Taxi?                                                                                           Visit the women abbey Catalina

168P1220350                         159P1160260
Links: Ursula Valencia is the owner of the hostal Las Mercedes in Arequipa. She helped us very much with the organisation and to suffer the language barrier for the transport back to Germany from Christines motorbike.
Reight: At Cruz del Sur in order to send the motorbike back to Lima. The matrace is not ours!!!!

160P1190286                         161P1190293
Unloading and unpacking of the Transalp

After a 17 hours bus drive we finally arrived in Lima. There we found out that the motorbike has a delay of one day. So we went to our hotel, because we hardly sleep. On the following day at Cruz del Sur they said, that all transport companies are striking today - super. We have been lucky, the boss who send the motorbike 3 weeks ago was there and he recognized us. He gave us the adress, where the motorbike is stored and he called them to let them know that we are coming.

162P1190299                         164P1200335
Left: With crying eyes the last ride of the Transalp in South America from Cruz del Sur to the habour
Reight: With all of them we packed the Transalp. How have I done this alone at home??

165P1200341                         163P1200321
Left: Everything is finished packed.
Reight: Lima - Callao habour. From here the journey back home began for the Transalp.

167P1200347                         169P1230357
Left: Group foto with Eduardo, the boss of UNIEX, the company which send the Transalp back to Germany. We can highly recommend them!! Eduardo joined us at all steps from warehouse to custom, warehouse, notary, custom warehouse, lunch.
Reight: Back in Arequipa - this time in a airplane (2 hours). After a service on the Africa Twin we went to CHILE.

170P1230366                         171P1230370

172Reifen Vorne                         R134P1110026
Front- and back tyre after 7000 Km

Pictures from the road:

208P1080217                         209P1080220

212P1090247                         213P1090249

229P1110008                         242P1110108
Friendly Bolivians, who are calling and waving to us - because of the motorbike or my pillion?

231P1110015                         233P1110017
Is it burning or does he start the motor?

247P1120121                         266P1200344
Yes!! There are sheeps on the roof.                                   Truck on the harbour, or is he looking for the junk press?

245P1120114                         239P1110078

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