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Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Chile welcomes us with a nice and organised border crossing. It was so organised that it was not possible to change money of one of heaps of guys who want you to change money. So we had to change money in Arika and we suddenly have been rich with 400.000,- Chilenian Pesos out of the cash maschine :-). But the delight is fast gone, because everything costs just thousands. From Arika we went to San Pedro de Atacama and had some petrol adventures. The time is getting narrow and the as was getting sore, because of many kilometers and the temperature is steadily increasing. In San Pedro it was proud 35°C and in our motorbike clothes we don´t know if we look like chicken on a barbeque. From San Pedro we made a tour to geysirs El Tatio and to the close lagunes - absolutly unique. After two days we went to Argentina to Salta in order to get rid off Christines cast, but that is a seperate story. From Salta we went to the Iguazu waterfalls. For them we have been really looking forward to. The further 1700 Km we went from petrol station to petrol station for 2 days or better from air condition to air condition inside the petrol stations, because we had around 40°C and approximately 60-70% humidity. That was quiet exhausting. The waterfalls are indescribable, you have too see them and it is still hard to imagine. They are just so beautiful. Not far from Iguazu are living a friends of us. We visited them before we did the 1600 Km to Buonas Aires. In Buenos Aires we celebrated Christines 29th birthday with friends before she has to fly home on 11th of February :-((

Now our 3 month together are gone now, for us ist was just too short for South America. It is just not enough time to enjoy all the nice places, areas and impressions. The places, areas and impressions we saw and experienced made us very happy, because you see how good we have it at home and what a beautiful country we have in Germany. Sadly Tobi has to travel now alone. We will see what else he will see and experience.

Foto album for watching the pictures in a bigger size

100P1230394                         103CIMG2634
Chile we are coming                     .                                               From Arika we went direction south.

102P1240409                         101P1240404
We thought we will never get to a petrol station or we were blind. After using our two emergeny reserve  cans and after 70 Km there was still no petrol station so we went to the next village in order to look for a petrol station. Yes, we have one opposite the church. ???? Where, we asked again and finaly we got the petrol out of a 5 liter bottle.

105PICT0646                         109PICT0669
From San Pedro de Atacama we did a trip to the geysirs El Tatio. Breathtaking and very cold compared to the last days. We had -12°C on a hight of 4200 m - BRRRRR.

104P1250016                         111PICT0678
The colours are from different materials, who comes up from the underground.

107P1250059                         108P1250062
Left: Warming the fingers at the little geysir.
Reight: The guides warmed the water for tea and milk for breakfast inside the hot water of the geysirs.

110P1250081                         112P1250086
And who likes can have a bath at 35°C water temperature.


114P1260130                         115P1260132
Left: Camping in San Pedro.
Reight: On the way to the lagune we stuck in sand.

116CIMG2654                         117CIMG2682
                                                                                                    Lagune: Caixa

118CIMG2687                         119CIMG2692

120P1260158                         121P1260170
Reight: For a picture at the lagune. And suddenly the bike broke in the salt crust

123P1260173                         126CIMG2748
                                                                                                    Lagune Salar de Atacama

127P1260237                         129P1270295
Reight: The border from Chile is in San Pedro. 150 Km further is the Argentinian border in the middle of nowhere.

130P1270304                         132PICT0708

133PICT0714                         134CIMG2815
On the way we pass a salt lake, which they use in order to get salt out of it. Our chance to make some pictures we missed at the Salar de Uyuni.

135CIMG2832                         136PICT0716

138PICT0722                         139P1270343
On the way to Salta

140P1280347                         142PICT0729

141P1280365                         143P1280379
First we get rid off all the salt on the motorbike and all other dirt from the last month.

144P1280382                         145P1280391

147P1280417                         151P1290435
Salta city center                                                                            Hard work on the homepage

148P1290420                         149P1290421
In Salta we went first went into the hospital in order to get rid off Christines cast. That was not the best idea. The hospital was not how we expected it in a country like Argentina. It was smelling horrible, the plaster came down from the walls and the doctor had for 3 seconds a look to the exray and said Christine has to wear the cast further 2 weeks, than we flew out of the hospital. Now we were thinking what to do, because we need a second professional opinion we can trust. So we went to the hotel and made some pictures of the exrays. On the next day we called our doctor at home, if he could have a look at them. He was so nice and spend his lunch break for us and we could clear it with him. He said after 6 weeks he thinks we can get rid off the cast - Dr. Rupp thanks for that. To get rid off the cast was not that easy, the plastic staff is quiet robust, but the good SwissTool with saw got it. NO the arm is still there.

152P1310443                         153P1310458
Further from Salta direction east. On the pasturage on the right and left side have been many happy steaks.

155PICT0757                         156P2010529
Left: Die Iguazu waterfalls, the biggest of the world. Even Roosevelt said: Poor Niagara
Reight: On the platform we got a free shower - that is refreshing at 35°C!!

158PICT0774                         160P2010569
From the argentinian side you get nice detail views, because most of the time you are standing right on the edge.In Brasil you have a fantastic view over the whole panorama.


162PICT0797                         164CIMG2909


165PICT0822                         166P2010604

168CIMG2943                         171PICT0885
We asked on this place a guide, if he knows how much water that is and he said normaly 2000 m³ per second, but because in Brasil it rained a lot the last few month and at the moment it is about 5000 m³ per second - unbelievable.


172P2020676                         173PICT0890


176P2030708                         277P2030709
In Brasil we visited friends Joao, Eliet and their son  Pablo. We have been out for dinner in a brasilian - italian restaurant. The flair was very nice in this little castle - very good!

175P2030707                         180P2030736
Left: Small service on the motorbike at Joas home. At 35°C you can wear only as less as possible.
Reight: We got invited to a asado - BBQ with live music. Great when your friends are musicians like that.

178P2030718                         179P2030725
Tja, lots of jummy meat and little side dishes for 50 people.

181P2040745                         182P2040751
On the following day Joao and Eliete invited us to go fishing with them. The fishing-rod was bamboo and 2 meter long band, bread and the fun starts. Did I say fun? Suddenly something was on the hug and the fun was over - HUAAAAA there is a fish on the line. Tobiiiii what should I do? So we had 5 fishes fun with fishing.

183P2070758                         184P2070760
After further 1600 Km in two days and a heavy rain on the way to Buenos Aires we finaly arrived at Dakar Motors. With Ken and Carol from Australia we celebrated Christines 29th BIRTHDAY. Christine knew them from Australia

185P2070765                         186P2070768
Left: Buenos Aires, Avenue 9 de Julio, the widest street of the world.
Reight: In a restaurant - lamm asado

187P2080805                         190P2090838
Left: Ken and Carol made a jummy stew for all of us.
Reight: Tango on the roads in Buenos Aires

189P2090827                         188P2090807
La Boca - the artist area

191P2090846                         192P2090856
Here we both had the rudder together in our hands.

194P2100864                         195P2100867
The big cemetary in Buenes Aires is something really impressive. These monuments, which are cold mausoleum are huge. If you have a look at the poor area surrounding it is even more impressive.

196CIMG3017                         197CIMG3028 Good Bye Assado at Dakar Motors

193PC111483                         192CIMG0833
You should know the picture. From Equador we sent christmas postcards, but as far we know only 5 arrived. Later we found out, that people scratch the stamps off the postcard and sell the stamps again. You should stand beside the post officer till all postcards are stamped. We learned, but did not know that these days.

A few pictures from the road:

224P1260181                         225P1260193 The country of Lamas.                                                                   They want to go shopping too.

228P1260259                         231P1270306
                                                                                                    and zombi lamas

237P1270332                         254P1310467
                                                                                                    Who else want to join?

246P1280411                         250P1290432
Left: The 4 guys in the backround at the cafe in Salta played during 4 hours 3 times music and collected money. But there have been other musicians too and minimum twenty selling people, who visited us in regularly. That costs you sometimes lots of nerves.
Reight: A procession in Salta

257P2010554                         261PICT0792
On the waterfalls you can get that close to the butterflys                and the small cute things come to everything you
                                                                                                   can eat.               

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