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Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Equador - the start of our journey:

On Monday 23rd of November will be picked up at 10 am and than we get our motorbikes. That said our custom agent. At 10:30 am he called us and said he will pick us up at 12:30 am. At the custom we had to sign one document and than our custom agent brought us  the 2 cases to custom. On the following day he wanted to pick us up at 9 am, but than it was 12:30 am and we should take a taxi. At custom we hat to make 3 signitatures and that lastet 2 hours, because not only Germans are proofing evto shopping mall. He said, he will call us when the motorbikes are ready to pick up. At 6 pm he called, he will pick us up, but we get the motorbikes the next day. In the documents is standing 2 cases and not 2 motorbikes, so the cases has to be picked up from the warehouse and there they have to be for one night. On the next day the custom agent had to showerything exactly Equadorian custom does that as well. Than our custom agent brought us to an other mall, because he had to bring the 2 cases out of the warehouse of custom and that was only possible with his truck. It was not possible to build the motorbikes together at the area of custom. At 7 pm the casese finally were at the warehouse on the truck. In spite of waiting 2 days everything was totaly without problems and Jorge our custom agent took care of us very well - we can highly recommend him.

At 7 pm the reloading and rebuilding of our motorbikes and at 10 pm we were very happy and tired at the hostal and than we could finally packed them.

Some pictures to look at.

CIMG0463                         CIMG0466
Reloading without a ramp on the truck

CIMG0472                         CIMG0486
Everything was in good condition and as we packed it.                  Jippi, there is someone happy.

CIMG0501                         CIMG0529The tyre has to be installed.                                                         Our hostal in Guayaquil - nice area to pack             

CIMG0531                         PB260516
Left: In Bahia de Caráquez at Susies hostal and repairing the spring-biased, because there was no oil inside.
Right: Visit of Susi, Christine met her in New York. She has a hostal COCO BONGO.

PB270547                         PB270582  That is a beach bar                                                                       and when you order cocktails you get two.            

PB280601                         PB280604 The ferry crossing from Bahia de Caráquez to the other side of the sea. Motorbikes are the last ones and what a shame that it is not possible to stack the vehicles. The picture on the right is the ramp to drive at the ferry - no during driving the ramp is not drawn.

PB280607                         PB280614
Left: To park out was a bit difficult.
Right: The good Mr. knows Mercedes and capitals from Europa, he told us very proud. He had 4 chickens to sell with him.

CIMG0543                         CIMG0542
The first night. The darkness surprised us. At 6 pm it is light and at 6.15 pm is totally dark. It is as someone would switch off the light. We stopped at a restaurant and asked, if we are allowed to camp in their garden. The answer was without hesitate of course no problem. After we put up the tent we went to the restaurant  and asked what you have for dinner? Beef, that is our speciality was the answer and the steak was huge. After dinner Alfredo sat down and invited us to beer. With our dicionary we could talk 2 hours with him. We said, that we love the fruits in Equador and that they are really cheap compared to Germany. On the next morning he proudly presented us the fruits of his garden and we got fresh pressed orange juice from fruits of his garden and some he just gave us to take them on the motorbike. That was very nice of him.

PICT0285                         PICT0300
In Mindo were Kolibris to look at. They come because of the sugar water, but when you are sitting at the veranda and watch the Kolibris it is amazing.

PICT0316                         PICT0327
From Mindo we rode to Otavallo. The city is well known for their markets. Anyway, we could take a short cut instead of staying on the main road. The way was very hard to ride and we needed for 60 km 5 hours. After that Christine needed a new mirror and suddenly it was dark again. A nice farmer allowed us to camp in front of the chicken stable. Further descriptions are not necessary :-)

PICT0330                         PICT0335
At the way to Otavallo.

PC010765                         PC010774
The market in Otavallo.

PC010771                         PC010777

PC020793                         PC020798

PC020804                         PC010787
Jipi, a new mirror for Christine.                                                     And for whom is which counter?

CIMG0556                         CIMG0552
At the Equator

PC030825                         PC030832
And after 1500 km Tobi hat the first flat tyre. Luckily after 200 m was a work shop, so Tobi couls fix it in the shadow with compressed air. During mountening somehow the tube was folded together and had so 2 holes.

CIMG0575                         PC040891
In Banos we had a rest for two days.                                            Guinee pick on a stick

PC040934                         PC040947
Fiesta in Banos, compareable with our lokal folk festival only much more music, dance and good looking queens.

PC040995                         PC051018
                                                                                                   In Banos we met some other motorbike riders who are travelling. In total it were 9 motorbikes (USA, Canada, Germay, Australia, Venezuela). All started lonly and and met on the way. Thats how travelling can be and the fiestas were international and great as well.

Our trip to the rainforrest from Tena.

CIMG0597                         CIMG0631The Tarantel of our jungle lodge.                                                 The bird spider behind the fritsch.

CIMG0659                         CIMG0704
The skorpion we saw at the night walk                                          Our accommodation

PC071154                         PC071238
Paddeltour at a river besides the Amazonas

PC071392                         PC071394
First the monkey wanted to open the bag                                      and than they stole the chips from Tobi.

Some impressions from the way

PICT0359                         PC051029
                                                                                                    There filling the tank is fun. 2$ for 1 Gallone in the
                                                                                                    village Shell. There they found the first oil.

CIMG0626                         CIMG0820
In Equador every one gets his driving licence.                                Main road?!     

PC051031                         CIMG0573
Bananas? Or are this bananas for cooking?                                   Everyone can drive with.

PB250485                         PB280626

PB280634                         PB280637
Bus stop                                                                                       A kind of bus

PB280643                         PB280644

PB300751                         PB300752

PB300753                         PC010779
Where is the mam?                                                                       And who needs gas?
(The whole farm animals are crossing the street.)


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