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Transpot Crate




Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Packing and Equipment:

Because I am lonly at the end of the trip I had to pack as I would travel by myself. So spare parts and equipment is all stored at my motorbike. Further I tryed to pack all important thins in the cases - if the clothes are gone it is not as bad as when the sleeping bag and tent is gone.

At the end I will resume, if the equipment decision was good.

My packing list:

Case 1:

  • in the front Ortlieb bicycle case
  • tent - Vaude Power Arteus
  • tarp - Nordisk
  • tarp sticks - Tatonka
  • sleeping bag – Western Mountaineering Antelope MF
  • light for the tent – self-construction with LEDs
  • 10L water bag – MSR Dromedar
  • axe – it is outside fastened

Case 2 – it is the kitchen:

  • in the front 2l oil
  • behind 5L fuel can
  • stove - MSR Dragonfly Mehrstoffkocher
  • pots - stainless steel
  • cutlery - army
  • plates - Sea to Summit X-Bowl
  • coffee - small 0,33l Javapress can
  • thermal cup
  • 10l water bag – Sea to Summit

Bicycle bag at the case

  • raining gear
  • lining
  • gloves
  • Packsafe - for the bag

Bag – Ortlieb Rack Pack 89L

  • clothes
  • Thermarest camping mat
  • camping chair – it is nice not to sit on the dirt

Tank bag

  • laptop – JVC XP7210 with Kensigton 12V charger
  • photo – Konika Minolta A2
  • charger etc


Christines packing list:

Case 1:

  • at the front bicycle bag
  • clothes

Case 2

  • sleeping bag - Western Mountaineering Antelope MF
  • Thermarest camping mat
  • clothes

Bicycle bag at the case

  • raining gear
  • lining
  • gloves


  • nothing special
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