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Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


On the Galapagos Islands - so the tourist name.
The name comes from the giant Galapagos tortoise and because everyone wanted to see it, everyone said I am travelling to Galapago - thats where the name comes from.

Now we finish the history part and start with the present, from Quito we did a 4 day turn at a Cathamaran with Luxury Category. From Germany the cheapest turn at the cheepest boat was 1300 EUR. Here in Quito we got it  Last Minute for 880 USD.
When we arrived on Galapagos the sealions at the peer said hello during they were laying lazy in the sun.
At the huge ship we first got a welcome drink and than they showed us our cabines. Suprise, Suprise we got the only suite on board :-))))))
On board we had everything you could imagine: A bar with barkeeper at the upper deck and pool, a bar besides the dining room, a sun deck with sun chairs, 7 employees - who took care of 16 passengers... It was really everything perfect.

They offered in the morning and afternoon trips for snorkeling or on  land to different islands. So we saw Black Turtle Bay from the dingy boat, also we were on  Florena and Espanola Island. It was absolutly fascinating and unique how close you can get to the animals. On the islands the animals do not have any bad experience with humans
The turn was absolultly perfect, only that we got sea sick was pretty bad. Christine got more sea sick, but with tabletts and other tricks it was pretty much ok.
On the mainland at the island Santa Cruz we needed one day to get used to a not wabbeling bottom. From there we did trips as diving, snorkeling, beach visits and pub visits.
On Sunday we fly to Guayaquil and on Monday we get the motorbikes out of custom.

Little Album to lock at.

 PICT0019-1a                        PB150174-1
Welcome at the peer                                                                    Our boat  “Queen Beatrix” - the left one

PB160326-2                         CIMG0115-3
                                                                                                    Our Suite

CIMG0126-4                         CIMG0130-5
Dining room                                                                                  The foot - yammi and it looks every time like that

PB150180-6                         PB150193-7
The bar at the upper deck                                                             That is cruising

CIMG0128-7                         PB150085-9
View at the upper deck                                                                 Our first trip to Black Turtle Bay

PB150168-8                         PICT0090-10
Left you see a blue foot buggy and above a Cormoran                  Eagle Rays in child age

PICT0071-11                         PICT0065-12
Turtles when they love each other, it lasts up to 14 hours. The not very nice thing is, that other males are swimming around and want as well. In order to reach their aim the swim from underneath to the couple and bit the colleagur at his penis. Now he waits how long the male will stand that and finaly the other male can go for it. How lucky I am, that noone does it with me :-)

CIMG0165-14                         CIMG0168-15
Lots of Iguanas                                                                             Sealions with babies - you could tough them

PB170360-16                         PB160258-17

PICT0150-18                         PICT0182-20

PICT0115-19a                         PICT0215-21
Post Office Bay - The bay was used in former times for ships in order to sent messages to other ships. This custom is now only for tourists. We also put a postcard into the post box and we picked one in order to bring it personally.

PICT0129-20a                         PICT0227-23
Flamingo                                                                                      Blue foot buggy  - who is the buggy?

PICT0102-22                         CIMG0209-24


CIMG0314-27                         CIMG0324-28
Cactus in bigger size                                                                     Galapagos tortoise

CIMG0297-29                         PICT0266-30

CIMG0339-31                         IMG_9907-32
The sealion at the fish market                                                        Tobi is diving

IMG_9959-33                         IMG_9880-34
Barakuda school                                                                          Turtle

IMG_9828-35                         IMG_9826-36
Hammer head shark


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