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Equador - Peru.


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North Patagonia.

La Pampa


North Patagonia

From El Calafate and the Moreno Glacier I went to Mt Fitzroy, a really beautiful mountain range and I was so lucky with the weather, blue sky absolutly perfect. Only on my birthday it was raining cats and dogs, how lucky that I am not superstitious. From there I had to pass the most difficult part of the Ruta 40. I heard from biker who had to fight with squalls up to 160 Kmh. That is the reason why in this area happen most accidents. In my case the wind was on vacation and I was very happy about it. I only had some following wind around 30 Kmh, but I thought the road was enough challenging. In Bajo Caracoles I met some Americans and we rode together over the Paso Roballos to Chile and the Carretera Austral to Coyhaique. The boys had a speed, which reminds me to racing but not to travelling, so I decided to travel again by myself. In Esquel I met Lutz, Elisabeth and Rupert, who travel on motorbikes too and than finally Ingo and Birte – the world is sometimes so small. We made together German „roller shutters“ with „bread dumplings“. It was very yummy and we enjoyed the evening very much :-)

In El Bolson the aim was to catch some sunshine, because the Carretera Austral was quiet rainy.

Pictures to look at in a bigger size.

101CIMG3561                         102CIMG3564
Mt Fitzroy – was really impressive                                                Camping in El Chalten

103CIMG3567                         104CIMG3575
On the way to Mt Fitzroy lookout

105CIMG3649                         100CIMG3559
Left: My birthday - Ingo cooked so fantastic, that I ate so much and could not sleep very well. It was just too jummy
Reight:  The sigs are serious.

106CIMG3668                         107CIMG3671
Ruta 40. The multi-lanes are good to drive, but if you get out of the lanes it is getting slippery in 5 cm deep gravel – no fun!

108PICT1171                         109CIMG3676
                                                                                                    Fuel station in Bajo Caracoles

110CIMG3679                         111CIMG3682

112CIMG3688                         113CIMG3691
Border guard at Paso Roballos

114CIMG3696                         115CIMG3697
Left: The area is very nice, so the best thing is to stop and have a look around.
Reight: Tja, I know the cow grates, but these style with nothing in between are new for me and not really biker friendly

116CIMG3700                         118CIMG3708
Reight: Somehow I thought my motorbike makes strange noises and I did not know what it could be. At a petrol station I found out, that the holding plate of the quick clutch for the petrol, which I did not use was gone and laying between the front gear and engine on the chaing. Uff, luckily nothing happened.

119CIMG3727                         120CIMG3730
From Cochrane I did a daytrip to Tortel, a city in a bay, which is built on stilts.

122CIMG3736                         121CIMG3735
The firebrigade                                                                             I think there is nothing more to say :-)

123CIMG3742                         124CIMG3752
The route to Tortel

125CIMG3759                         126CIMG3775
The Carretera Austral direction north, hopefully there it will be warmer and no rain.

127CIMG3777                         128CIMG3780

129CIMG3795                         130CIMG3808

132CIMG3812                         135CIMG3823

136CIMG3829                         137CIMG3834
Salmon fresh from the breed.                                                        View from the camp site

160P3240065                         139CIMG3849
Left: Big meeting with „roller shutters“ with „bread dumplings“ (from l - r: Lutz, I, Rupert, Birte, Ingo, Elisabeth)
Reight: From Esquel I rode over the national park Los Alerces to El Bolson with nice camp sites.

140CIMG3852                         142CIMG3858
Left: In El Maiten I wanted to see trains with steem engines, but the museum was closed.
Reight: On the way a artist eternized himself.

143PICT1183                         144PICT1184
The climb was exhausting, but it was worth.

161P3250076                         162P3250077
The peak picture with Ingo and Birte                                             On the half way down, a nice beer :-)

145CIMG3873                         146CIMG3874
Artist market in El Bolson

Pictures from the road:

217CIMG3706                         231CIMG3810
So it can be bigger                                                                        Snack-bar on the way

233CIMG3813                         241CIMG3853
Tja                                                                                               Who did not think?

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