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Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Patagonia – wideness, wideness, wideness

Patagonia remembers me more and more to Australia, little turn and again is going kilometer for kilometer straight ahead. The weather is not as wished in Ushuaia, 4°C and rain. So after 4 days I am heading forward direction north – sun. Till Rio Grande the rain is following me and the wind tryed to push me from my motorbike. Further from Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine nationalpark and first to the glacier Grey. It was already 5.00 pm and I stopped at the hotel Grey and thought, anyway I am going to take a room and than I can go tomorrow to the glacier – ha they wanted to have 300 USD for one room per night. So I changed my plan and had first a look at the glacier and than I will see. On the following day I went at blue sky and without any wind to Torres del Paine to a very nice camp site with fireplace and wood – thats how I like it. On the next day I went by foot up to the Torres, that was really exhausting. I sometimes thought I am a mountain goat. In this case I would prefer my motorbike, but the views have been fantastic. After this trip I had to take care of my sore muscles, but this was not a problem at all. The weather was really nice. Than I crossed the border to Argentina and went to the next highlight, the glacier Moreno.
The wind was not too bad. I will see, if he is still on vacation when I ride the Ruta 40 direction north.

Pictures to look at in a bigger size.

CIMG3215                         101CIMG3209
Left: On the way to Rio Grande
Reight: my favourite dish – „peeps“ and „Spätzle – German noodles“ and „Wiener sausages“

104CIMG3229                         107CIMG3247
Reight: The harbour of Porvenir. If there would not be a sign, I would just have passed the harbour. I was two hours too early and the restaurants have been closed.

108CIMG3254                         109CIMG3256
Left: So I looked after a place without wind and made a coffee.
Reight: The ferry arrived.

110CIMG3260                         111CIMG3269
                                                                                                    And such things you see in Punta Arenas.

113CIMG3283                         114CIMG3292
Harbour of Puerto Natales.

115CIMG3316                         117CIMG3332
Glacier Grey in Torres Nationalpark

118CIMG3345                         116CIMG3320
                                                                                                    Hotel Grey for 300 USD.

120CIMG3355                         121CIMG3356
My place was nice too                                                                  and the view too.

119CIMG3349                         122CIMG3372
It seems that the wind appears often in this area :-)

123CIMG3375                         124CIMG3379

125CIMG3382                         126CIMG3385
On the way to Torres del Paine.

127CIMG3392                         128CIMG3401
Left: The needle eye to the campling site Torres, who is bigger has to stay outside.
Reight: View to Torres in the morning at 7.00 am when I left to walk. Brr it was only -4°C, but it was getting soon warmer.

129CIMG3405                         130CIMG3417
                                                                                                    Here it was very steep,

131CIMG3419                         132CIMG3423
                                                                                                    The athmosphere was incredible.

133CIMG3440                         134CIMG3441
After I left to go down suddenly a thunder-storm came, but as quick the storm left and I had again nice weather and a beautiful view.

135CIMG3448                         136CIMG3455
My camp with fireplace, that is how I like it :-).
Here at Campamento Torres, which is private and not nationalpark are camp spots for 8 USD or dorms for backpacker you get for 40 USD. A luxury hotel starts with room prices from 1400 - 4500 USD. For each purse is the right accommodation available.

138PICT1070                         137PICT1066
When I left Torres I met 20 Km further two friends from Ushuaia and we talked and talked and so I decided to set up my tent again.

139CIMG3470                         140CIMG3471
In Cerro Catillo I had to get fuel and after asking a couple of times I arrived here, and luckily they had petrol - JIPI.

141CIMG3474                         142CIMG3481
Left: Tja, that is at the argentinian custom, in the backround they play ACDC, TV is running with video and playstation and table tennis possibility. This job I want to have too.
Reight: On the legendary Ruta 40 in Argentina. Here it was still bitchmen.

143CIMG3491                         144PICT1096
On the way to glacier Moreno.                                                     Moreno glacier

145CIMG3498                         146CIMG3499
First I parked at the big parking place besides the busses and than I went with a shuttle to the lookout. I would say, that is the minimum what they can do for the tourists, because they charge you 75 Pesos, but Argentinians have to pay only 25

147CIMG3500                         148CIMG3515

149CIMG3528                         150PICT1110

151CIMG3542                         CIMG3553
A unique experience.

Some pictures from the road:

200CIMG3187                         202CIMG3213
A Chilenian with a  Enfield in Ushuaia.                                          Is that the right sign to that rise?


203CIMG3216                         205CIMG3240

206CIMG3244                         212CIMG3278
The shepherd has here his calm.

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