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Peru, Peru

the country of the big sights in South America - the Nazca lines, Machu Picchu, Titikaklake. For Tobi was the Titikakalake since his childhood a faszinating word and place, who knows why and Machu Picchu is faszinating since we saw the first picture. After packaging our christmas present and the start of our personally vendetta we went from  Lima to Nazca and Cusco to the Titikakalake. The data about the streets are in hours and not in kilometers and you should calculate quite good otherwise you can camp at 4200 m. We only can say, that we have been rarely after so less movement been short of breeth. We are feeling the hights, because we are continuly at about 3800 m. Climp the steps and running is hard for the lung, because she trys to get oxygen, but there is not enough. 
On the other side Peru is disappointing. On the entrence of each city is a huge garbage dump in front and on the end as well. The houses are mostly in bad condition as we know it from the Eastern Bloc in Europe. Only that the Peruians not even plastering the stones or put on colour. Very often you get the impression, they did something till the point you can use it and than they just leave it. If a house is plastered and painted than only the front side. We have been prepared that they are poor. But we have not been prepared, that the entrence fees are so high, which we think is a huge contrast.
Other countrys, other conventions.

102PC240171                         104PC240194
Our christmas present a Honda Transalp at Cruz del Sur on the way to Arequipa.

105PC240212                         106CIMG1314
Left: Christmas in Lima and this without Nürnberger Lebkuchen (ginger bread) - UNIMAGINABLE
Reight: Our vendetta for christmas - roast pork.

CIMG1321                         CIMG1322
Left: Our christmas dinner at Rodrigos home (from left: Daniel, Rodrigo, Christine, Tobias)
Reight: Joachim with wife, he made for us the contact to Lima Moto Club.

PC250220                         CIMG1277
Lima Center                                                                                 Lima Miraflores
The differences could not be bigger between countryside and city.
And the traffic is the absolutly horror. Who things in Italy they are driving chaotic, this is 10 times as much worse.

107PC260255                         109CIMG1329
Rodrigo accompany us out of the city.                                           Panamerikana - boring but famous.

CIMG2188                         CIMG2189
Plaster and painting? And above are still iron rods for finishing the buildings. Finishing in 10 years?

103PC260259                         115PC260273
Left: From Piura to Nazka on the side of the Panamerikana are huge chicken farms.
Reight: Sunset at the oase Huacachina.


118PC270347                         119PC270349
From there you can do lots of things like driving buggy or sand boarding.

121CIMG1538                         129CIMG1686
On the way to Nazka.                                                                   The worldwide biggest sand dune.

122CIMG1595                         126PC270476
South America or Australia?                                                         Nazka

148kolibri                         149affen
The lines of Nazka from the airplane: Kolibri                                 Monkey

127PC280548                         128PC280566
Left: At the cemetery from Chauchilla. The mummies are more centuries old and in very good condition. The mummies are not in a museum, they are in the totaly dry dessert.

130CIMG1713                         132CIMG1800
Camping at 4200 Meter at the highlands of the Andes.                  Visit in the morning - Alpaka Lamas.

134CIMG1818                         135PC310587
Left: On the way from Nazka to Cusko, a absolutly enormous area - landscape and road. For 600 Km we needed 15 hours. Curve on Curve, the profile of the front tire was rid off.
Rechts: Christine got in Cusko ea new cast - she was not happy, but if it helps.

136CIMG1828                         137CIMG1835
New years eve in Cusko

P1010594                         P1010604
Cusko City: Plaza de Armas

138P1020688                         139P1020716
Tja, Machu Picchu welcomes us with deep clouds, rain and fog.

140CIMG1902                         141CIMG1913
Reight: How the Inkas could make the stones fiiting like that till now noone knows.

142CIMG2028                         143CIMG2039
In the late afternoon it was luckily getting clearer.


146CIMG2063                         147CIMG2070
Left: The reverse of the tourist flow - 200 USD per person you have to pay, if you want to go from Cusko to Machu Picchu. If you think, that one meal costs in a market hall 1 USD = 3 Soles we can not imagine in which relation that could be. At other sights it is a shame but it is similar. The cathedral in Cusko costs 25 Soles, the Secet Vally 120 Soles. Machu Picchu was enough for our budget.
Reight: After we came back from Machu Picchu we were with Philipp and Veronique (unterwegs mit einer Susuki V-Strom) in the Norton Rats Tavern - super burger for 10 Soles, only to compare with entry fees.

151CIMG2217                         152CIMG2222
First kuddle, than he wanted more.... - na na.

153CIMG2229                         154CIMG2230
In Chucuito at a Inka ruine - fertility temple

155CIMG2246                         158CIMG2344
Who with the Lama dances.                                                          Towers from Sillustani - Inka cemetery.


P1060120                         160CIMG2396

161PICT0576                         P1060063
Visit at the reed islands of the Uros.

CIMG2172                         CIMG1842
Chicken soup different style - yes these are foots.                          The classics in Peru - Coca Tee and Inka Kola.

CIMG2170                         CIMG2352
One chicken is rarely lonly.

A few pictures from the road:

200PC240134                         201PC240135

DSCN3150                         CIMG2346

208PC260265                         210CIMG1330
Village in the dessert?                                                                   Toilet at a petrol station.

211CIMG1345                         223CIMG1614

225CIMG1641                         250CIMG2207
                                                                                                    Taxi - yes there are 3 sheeps inside.

256CIMG2320                         257CIMG2323

P1010631                         PC310591

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