CX Australien000001



Transpot Crate




Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Preparation and spare parts:


Motorbike trainings:

  • corner- and offroad training at Stehlin
  • 2 days intensive training at BMW in Hechlingen
  • training at the offroad racing track – Twins Only

Much visits at the store Globetrotter in Cologne – for testing equipment it is perfect!!!

Taking part on Teschs Travellermeeting in Belgium and MRT in Gieboldehausen.

Transport of the motorbikes:

It was much more difficult than we thought, we had to change our route, because it is not possible to transport piece goods (motorbikes) from Equador and Venezuela to Germany. The transport to Equador is no problem and to transport the motorbikes from Buenos Aires to Germany is no problem too.


not necessary

Travel health insurance:

Insurance for the motorbikes:

We concluded the insurance in Germany..
Nowag Versicherungen
Platanenring 15b
63110 Rotgau
Tel: 06160/16960

Carnet de Passage:

ADAC says it is not necessar, but according to our agent of our haulier it is necessars and the handling should be easier. We will see, if it was worth to apply order a Carnet de Passage.


Spare parts and reserve things:

You never know and hear/see much and of course everyone has his own experience. At my first trip with the Honda CX 500 I was for 7 month in Australia. I only had ignition plugs, cable clips, screws, duck tape and some tools. At my second trip in Australia for 3 month with my GS I also had tubes, mounting lever and patches with me. And so first it is much too much and than you start to reduce, but now I have a good feeling.

Africa Twin:

In the pipe at the engine:

  • oil filter
  • 500ml Scottoil
  • wheel bearing
  • headset bearing
  • block pad back
  • repair kit for the tent
  • small duck tape
  • spare plug in for power of the computer in the tank bag

In the pipe at the case carrier:

  • spare CDI for the Transalp
  • repair kit for the stove
  • heat srinking tube
  • Epoxid metal glue
  • 6 ignition plugs
  • 2 fuel filter
  • small and wide duck tape
  • hose clips
  • spare cable for the Baehr machine, cable for the helmet to the motorbike
  • 1m cable
  • spare block pads for the front
  • spare relay for the cockpit
  • conspicuity vest

Under the seat:

  • cable clips in different lenght
  • different spare screws

Rear bag:

  • spare tubes
  • multimeter
  • patches with glue
  • patches for tyre
  • fixed gear
  • small tape
  • fuel tube
  • pump
  • compressor – without case
  • compressed air tester
  • angle valve
  • cable clips
  • nylon patches
  • clutch train
  • solder and soldering gun

Spare parts for Transalp

In the pipe on the engine

  • oil filter
  • 500ml Scottoil
  • 6 ignition plugs
  • wheel bearing Transalp
  • spare speedo


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