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Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Hello from Quito.
The city has according to data 1.4 and to other data 2.9 inhabitants. For me is both too .much. I am from the land, so what do you expect.

I try to learn Spanish, which is not that easy. I understand now Christine, with all that different spoken words and conjungated verbs - äh what is that? I broke up the language course after 1 week. That was too much for me and I concentrated my vocabulary to the important thin: Una cerveza por favor :-)

On Friday Christine is coming jipiiii and on Sunday we are going to the Galapagos Islands, with I hope so a really good boat.

Now I show you some pictures of Quito:

CIMG0004                   CIMG0006
At the Equator                                                                        Quito main square at the historical city

CIMG0012                   CIMG0025
Street in Quito                                                                        View over the city from the house mountain
                                                                                              El Panecillo

CIMG0027                   CIMG0030
View over the city from the house mountain El Panecillo          Ecuadorian fastening
                                                                                               - wire instead of screws

CIMG0033                   CIMG0034
Busy: Take attention to the one cylinder                                  Up the cable
engine, which makes “Zuckerwatte”!

CIMG0043                   CIMG0047
Teleferico                                                                               Seilbahn to the Teleferico - radiostation at 4100m

CIMG0048                   CIMG0052
At the bottom station - yes Quito is so high                             On top of the station

CIMG0059                   CIMG0061
That is according to my  GPS                                                 The view, wow, a shame that the sky is not that                                                                                                    clear


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