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Equador - Peru.


Bolivien - Peru

Chile - Argentina



North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Building transport cases

!!!  After the casees have been at the haulier, I got a call, if the wood is treated ???
All original wood which is used has to be treated against bugs. I did not know that. Now our cases got a introduction of gas. I will report how much are the extra costs!!!

I searched and found help at the following homepage Enduoreisenden, some dimensions and data for orientation.

The dimensions should be lengh 2.30m, hight 1.10m, width 0.90m.
Material for the transport cases::

  • 2 Europallets
  • 7 OSB pallets 12er x 67.5 cm x 250 cm -> 7 plates  = 60€
  • 8cm square shaped timber

Transportkiste                   Transportkiste1

TA Vorne1                   TA Vorne2

TA Hinten                   TA Halb zu

AT Vorne1                   AT Vorne 2

AT Hinten                   AT Gepäck1

AT Gepäck2                   AT Halb zu

AT Halb zu                   Vertige Kisten

Verladen 2                   Verladen2



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