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Equador - Peru.


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North Patagonia.

La Pampa


Ushuaia – the end of the world

From Buenos Aires I sadly started lonly in order to make the next 3000 Km to Ushuaia. All said, it is dead boring. I thought it can´t be worse than the Aussie dessert. From Buenos Aires I rode over Azul and the hostal La Postal at Jorges place, Vietma, the Peninsula Valdez down South. At Peninsula Valdez I wanted to go to the penguins and sea lions, but in the night it started raining and the gravel roads have been in bad condition. So I thought I am not going there. The side trip to Punta Tombo to the biggest Magelan penguin colony was luckily dry and was worth it. There the penguins walk through your feet – wow that is amazing.
Now the further road was scenicwise very boring and more boring than the Australian dessert. At the further 1500 km it was 4°C and raining and not that what you wish on a motorbike. As I refueled my bike after 600 km riding in the rain I saw 5 caravans at the petrol station and I thought motorbike riders must be crazy. Ushuaia is a part of Argentina, but in between are 200 km Chile. After 2 hours riding and boarder crossing I am in Chile and after 200 km the same thing again and I am in Argentina. How great is it in Europe. With a ferry I went from Chile to Tierra del Fuego, at the moment more Tierra del Frio.
I arrived in Rio Grande and searched after a hostal, because it was bloody cold and it was raining cats and dogs. On the next morning it was blue sky and sunshine. So I took the chance and rode to Ushuaia. Ushuaia welcomed me cloudy, but dry.

Now I am at the most southern city of the world on Tierra del Fuego.

Foto album for watching the pictures in a bigger size

192CIMG3043                         200CIMG3102
Camping in Azul                                                                           Route to the penguin colony at Punta Tombo.

193CIMG3065                         194CIMG3070

195CIMG3072                         196CIMG3079

197CIMG3081                         198CIMG3093

CIMG3104                         202CIMG3116
On the way down south.                                                               1500 Km rain, I can imagin soething better

203CIMG3123                         204CIMG3128
I arrived at the Magelan street.                                                      Ferry crossing to Tierra del Fuego

205CIMG3135                         206CIMG3137
At the Chilenian part in Tierra del Fuego is only a little bit bitchmen most roads are gravel roads.

207CIMG3146                         208CIMG3147
Here is nothing.                                                                            Boarder crossing to Chile

211CIMG3152                         212CIMG3157
From Rio Grande it is not far.                                                       The landscape it getting nicer

213CIMG3159                         216CIMG3174
The last pass before Ushuaia.                                                        Harbour Ushuaia

217CIMG3177                         220CIMG3186
Left: Ushuaia remembers me to skiing areas in the alps.
Reight: Camping in Ushuaia


Picture from the road:

409CIMG3150                         410CIMG3151
I thought only of happy steaks :-)??                                               Oilpumps on the way

414CIMG3162                         418CIMG3178
What a slope!                                                                               Ship wreck in the harbour

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